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Model Name:Grapple Crane 450 -I without automatic rolldrive
Grapple Crane 450-II 4x4 with automatic rolldrive
Engine:7HP/5kw, electric start+ pull start
Max rotary speed:3500r/m
Pressure of oil pump: 16MPa
Pump supply oil flow:3.5mL/R
Working temperture:-40℃to 80℃
Length of crane arm:4.4M
Lifting capacity at max reach:200kg
Swing angle:+-90℃
Hydraulic oil tank:7.2L
Hydraulic oil :No. 46
Fuel tank for engine:4L
Demension of crane with trailer(LWHmm)4700(3650)X1380X1750
Loading capacity of trailer:2000kg
Grapple crane 450-I weight:615 kg
Grapple crane 451-II weight:665kg
Grapple crane 450-II-RC weight:690kg
CE certification
Loading quantity in container:10 /20FT 20/40FT
Optional hydraulic winch
Optional dumping box
Optional bucket
Optional scissor
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